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Story: The way of the paw

The way of the paw audio story

Here you will find the story of "The way of the paw" the first story in a series of stories which will make up the Combat Kanga universe!

Chapter 1

The Way of the Paw starts with a ship, a storm, some villainous thugs and a Kanga. Kanga Lee - to be precise. He is the unwitting hero of this story and his journey will take him high and low, to people and places he has never even dreamed of. But every story starts somewhere, and this one starts here.

Chapter 1: Part 1

Kanga Lee and some of his tribe find themselves prisoners on a rickety ship in the dead of night. Their Dingo enslavers have hauled them and the small vessel across the sea and through a storm to a small island - to find a mysterious fruit.

Chapter 1: Part 2

Kanga Lee can’t contain his anger any longer and tensions rise. A rebellion is attempted and failed, and Lee finds himself in a tough situation.

Chapter 1: Part 3

Left alone and defeated, Kanga Lee does the only reasonable thing. Sleep. Fortunately for him, his defeat was not absolute and with the rising sun - a new hope shows itself on the horizon.

Chapter 2

It is simply impossible to journey along The Way of the Paw on your own. You will need allies, rivals and, most importantly, friends. Be careful not to label every opponent as an enemy. You might be surprised to find an ally where an opponent once stood. Kanga Lee learns this lesson in a strange turn of events. He finds a new tribe and a frustratingly obtuse mentor. It turns out that he may be touched by the fingers of destiny. But that is no surprise, he is the main character after all.

Chapter 2: Part 1

Kanga Lee’s frustration gets the better of him before gets sucker punched, but he soon proves that he can punch with the best of them. His would be enemies, however, don’t seem to be acting like a real threat.

Chapter 2: Part 2

Kanga Lee realises that he has just defeated the only warrior of this new Kanga tribe in a single punch. Caught off guard by an inquisitive joey, Lee chooses to talk peacefully with these Kangas and their Elder.

Chapter 2: Part 3

Kanga Lee gets to know the tribe and the cryptic Elder. He tells his own story to the old Kanga and is left with an apprehensive feeling clawing at him.

Chapter 2: Part 4

Kanga Lee is assaulted by an avian nightmare and the Elder seemed to know that it would happen. The Elder and the big Kanga Brice seem strangely interested in Lee.

Chapter 2: Part 5

Kanga Lee follows the tribe and tries to get answers from anyone that would listen. He is given frustratingly little in return. But, the tribe’s day of travels leads Lee to the mystical tree of dreams.

Chapter 2: Part 6

Tensions rise as Kanga Lee’s frustrations boil over. The Elder reveals that Lee’s dream is tied to the tree and it points the tribe in the next direction. Lee decides to stay with the tribe - if only to help his own tribe.

Chapter 3

The Way of the Paw is a road often avoided, for it is paved with frustration. Each step tests your patience, and each lesson learnt seemingly contradicts everything you know and understand - but it all has a point, obfuscated and frustratingly hidden for now. Kanga Lee unknowingly receives his first lesson in patience, whilst simultaneously having his preconceptions challenged. The tribe follows the thread laid out by Lee’s dreams and they wind up in a strange place, greeted by an unsure presence from the skies. The world is much larger and stranger than Lee could've ever imagined.

Chapter 3: Part 1

Kanga Lee wakes to find himself in an eerily familiar place, unable to get a response from anyone in his surroundings. All he can do is stand and wait for the worst.

Chapter 3: Part 2

Lee’s scars from the past continue to haunt him as he relives his darkest moment. Is it just a nightmare, or an unpleasant vision with an obtuse lesson?

Chapter 3: Part 3

Pulled from his nightmare, Lee has to deal with fresh frustration in the form of the kanga elder. The tribe is on the move to a new location but Lee’s attempts to gain any insight into this new location, are futile at best.

Chapter 3: Part 4

The tribe closes in on their new location, a human occupied area around a mountain. Brice lets on that it may not be the humans that they should be worried about.

Chapter 3: Part 5

The tribe’s journey comes to a welcome end in the human reserve. Lee looks to the elder for direction but finds the burden of responsibility thrust back upon him in a frustrating turn of events.

Chapter 3: Part 6

A frustrated and angry Lee is ambushed by a shadow reminiscent of his past, but all is definitely not as it seems.

Chapter 3: Part 7

It seems that the elder is an old acquaintance of this new aggressor, Ricky, and he possibly chose to leave Lee in the dark as some kind of prank.

Chapter 3: Part 8

Things take a strange turn as the eagle, Ricky, continues to taunt an increasingly more confused Lee. The elder, in a very uncharacteristically serious moment, urges Lee to find out just how much Ricky knows.

Chapter 3: Part 9

Ricky sends Lee to find out exactly what a true combat kanga is. Brice volunteers himself as back up and the two kangas set off further into the human controlled area.

Chapter 3: Part 10

Lee and Brice find a somewhat abandoned human building, occupied by a mysterious glowing box and an old trick. Brice throws himself head first into the unknown and Lee is met with a fateful discovery.

NFT's created so far!

Dowers Edge
Dowers Edge
(Xp: 5573)
Gunnar Spitfire
Gunnar Spitfire
(Xp: 7448)
Rocky Clash
Rocky Clash
(Xp: 5939)
Clink Tailwhipper
Clink Tailwhipper
(Xp: 6107)
Bruce Target
Bruce Target
(Xp: 6644)
Titania Hightooth
Titania Hightooth
(Xp: 7686)
Elliot Edge
Elliot Edge
(Xp: 7897)
Jimmy Doom
Jimmy Doom
(Xp: 6246)
Randwulf Frozen
Randwulf Frozen
(Xp: 7485)
Lycia Grimtooth
Lycia Grimtooth
(Xp: 8024)
Hash Choker
Hash Choker
(Xp: 7093)
Jack Hopper
Jack Hopper
(Xp: 6065)
Mac Hightooth
Mac Hightooth
(Xp: 5732)
Hanklin Red
Hanklin Red
(Xp: 6397)
Lucius Ballist
Lucius Ballist
(Xp: 6303)
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